Choices and Consequences Program

This unique program covers the ramifications of young adults getting into trouble, consequences of life's choices and actions, legal issue and life with and without an education, and how education will effect job opportunities and life goals.  The facilitator uses interactive small group discussions, covering the dangers and effects it has on others, to help understand that the choices that are made now could leave a lasting effect that can not be changed.

Program leaves participants with an understanding that for every choice there will be a consequence.  Good choices bring good consequences!  And for every choice, there could be a bad consequence that can cause an effect on their future goals, possible injury and even death in some big choices.

Classes are held at the following location:

Austin - Travis County Precinct 2, 10409 Burnet Road, Austin 78758
              TIME:          5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

            DATES:      January 15, 2020                         July 13, 2020

                                             March 11, 2020                            September 14, 2020 

                                             May 11, 2020                                November 9, 2020 


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