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Drunk Driving / Victims Impact Panel


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This powerful and graphic audiovisual presentation has been recognized on both a National and State level as being an outstanding community educational program.  Program takes the audience on an emergency call providing a vivid look at actual DWI related crash scenes.  It provides a sense of being on location with Police, Firefighters, and paramedics.  Listen as you ride along in the back of the ambulance and helicopter.  Hear an emotional story from an offender and/or actual survivor of a drunk driving collision that nearly took their life.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a choice, and for every choice there will be a consequence, some could be deadly not only to you, but to friends, family and others on the highway.


This is 100% preventable!  If you drink or do drugs, simply DO NOT Get Behind the wheel of a vehicle, boat, motorcycle, etc.  Please think before you drink!

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