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History of Danger Without Intentions


Danger Without Intentions was incorporated December 1999 by Guy Benson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the organization and partner Deborah Parsons, Assistant CEO.  The mission and purpose of DWI has been to "Education and Save Lives" by providing "Prevention thru Intervention".  This organization was developed due to a near death crash that occurred on December 15, 1999, and as they walked away from the incident a decision was made that very night to begin on a quest to make a difference in this ever growing problem.  Their efforts have increased public awareness through the 2,995 programs provided concerning the problems of driving under the influence and has touched over 850,000 lives.


After much consideration and the notification that TDLR will no longer give credit for the Alive at 25 Program for ticket dismissal, we will no longer be offering this program.   We regret this decision, because it was a great interactive program for young drivers.

Founder and CED of Danger Without Intentions 

  • Guy Benson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (View Bio)

  • Deborah Parsons, Co-Founder & Assistant Chief Executive Officer (View Bio)

Board of Directors:

  • Guy Benson

  • Deborah Parsons

  • John Thomson

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