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Listed below are some links that will take you to many agencies that have valuable information, and has been added to assist you .  Should your agency wish to be added to our site, simply email us at and we will add you to this section.  Just let us know a little bit about your company.



Danger Without Intentions Partnership Links:

  • Universal Stitching Designs, Embroidery and Direct to Garment Full Color Printing Business

  • Education Resource -for State and Court Approved Alcohol and Drug Education Classes for DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), MIP (Minor in Possession), and PI (Public Intoxication) offenders. 



Attorney Kevin Madison - Check out his site on these topics:
Help for patients sexually exploited by their Doctors and Therapists

* Texas Sexual Harassment Attorney

* Cross Creek Hospital in Austin, Tx


Links to Other Traffic Safety Resources:

*Texas Department of Transportation and National Safety Council Driver Safety Website

*National Safety Council

*National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

*Texas Department of Public Safety

*Teen Driving. Com - Teaching Your Teens to Drive

*Center for Disease Control - Teen Driving Death and Injury Rates and Causal Factors

*Common Risks Faced by Teen Drivers and How to Manage Them

*Lower Colorado Water Authority

*National Water Safety Congress

*Nobody's Waterproof

*Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

*United States Coast Guard

*National Association of State Boating Law Administrators

*United States Power Squadrons

*Aqua Know Aquatics

*Pool Safety

*U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

*The Partnership at DRUGFREE

*Austin Police Operation Blue Santa

*Red Santa Website

*AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)  512-444-0071

*Travis County Surcharges, Suspensions, and Reinstatement

*Drug and Controlled Substance Related Suspension

*Alcohol Related Suspension

*Drive Alive Richmond

*Drive Smart Virginia


*Practical guidance on improving road safety, particularly among younger drivers

*Partners for Safe Teen Driving

*Stop the Texts - Stop the Wrecks

*AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

*Safer Car.Gov  - This NHTSA website features a "Parents Central" section with guidance on how to talk with teens about safe driving techniques.

*Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - The site offers a section that contact "simple, effective ways to get involved with your teen's driving."

*Be Smart  . Be Well  -  This site is sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield and features a section dedicated to teen driving.


*Pool Safety Toolkit

*Lifeguard Skills for Pool Owners

*Swimming Safety Tips

*Parent's Guide to First Aid

*Guidance for Safety:  The Pool and Spa Safety Act

*Pool Safety Products Protect, Prevent, and Rehabilitate

*Teen Driving Tips - Driving tips for beginning drivers, covering topics like how to parallel park or tips for taking your driving test

*Car Smarts - Interactive website that gives car owners a visual understanding of automobile knowledge and quizzes them on areas where they can improve

*Addiction Recovery Centers

*Prioritizing Your Mental Health at Work
AAC = Alcohol Awareness Council - The Alcohol Awareness Council is dedicated to informing the public about the use and abuse of alcohol. You will find the latest alcohol research, studies and statistical data, brought to you by government agencies, academic institutions, news sources and awareness organizations. You will also find a wealth of alcohol-related resources, support groups, and help lines for those struggling with alcoholism

* American Addiction Centers

* Greenhouse Treatment

How Addiction Often Leads to Codependency in Family Relationships


* Top 10 Rebab Centers in Texas

* Alcohol Awareness and College Students

* Teens4Safety

* Affordable College Online / How to prevent binge drinking and DUI's

* Earning a Criminal Justice Degree in Texas

Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice

Earning a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice

Drug Rehab Connections

How to Install a Car Seat with a Seat Belt

15 Fun DIY Travel Crafts to Keep Kids Busy on Long Trips

The Best Road-Trip Apps for Kids That Make Travel Less Painful

Teach teens to be safe passengers, limit distractions for teen drivers

Traveling with an Alzheimer’s Patient

How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car

8 Things About Traveling With A Cat That All Owners Should Know

Prioritizing Your Mental Health at Work

Find the Most Military-Friendly Companies & Jobs

National Council for Aging Care

* National CPR Association

Alcohol & Water Safety

How to Prep Your Home for a Safe, Hazard-free Summer

Take Note of Water Safety for Older Adults

Keeping Your Dog Safe When You Have a Pool

Tips for Teaching Kids with Autism to Swim and How to Find Lessons Near You

The Best Water Safety Products for Kids & Families: Keep Kids Safe in the Bath and Swimming Pool

Pool Safety Guide for Homeowners

* Addiction Center

* Drug Dangers

How alcohol negatively impacts sleep

Sleep problems associated with addiction and recovery

Non-drug therapies for sleep disorders

* Texas Inpatient Rehab Centers

* Willow Springs Recovery

* Safe Driving Tips to Keep You Safe
Dangers of Drowsy Driving
Addiction Campuses - National Substance Abuse Treatment
* Tree House Rehab in Dallas
* Child Car Seat Safety Guide 
* Willow Springs Recovery - Bastrop, Tx

* Sunshine Behavioral Health
* The Fix Addition and Recovery Straight Up
* Rehab Reviews
Abbeycare Foundation

* Smoking Concerns - Maryville University
* CBD Awareness Project
* Surgical Recovery

* Driver Defense: 10 Ways to be Safer on the Roads

* 7 Safe-Driving Apps

* Distracted Driving - Driving with Kids in the Car

* Minimize Distractions While Driving and Keep Your Little Ones Entertained

* ADHD and Driving: 8 Tips from a Driver Rehabilitation Specialist

* How Parents Can Practice Distracted Driving Prevention

* How to Avoid Driving Stress

* Drug Watch regarding E-Cigarettes
* Guide on avoiding and handling potential dangers on the road
* Willow Springs Recovery

* Unbreak Yourself

Alcohol Effects, Addiction Treatment, and Resources

COVID-19 and Our Mental Health

* How to Get Teens to Stop Vaping
* Alcohol Rehab Help

* The Recovery Village
* ARK Behavioral Health
* Addition Resource
* Guide to Car Seat Safety for Kids

Alcohol Rehab Help

Addition Treatment Services

* Addition Group

* Community Outreach

* Stress and Alcoholism

Isolation and Mental Health

* Rehab Aid

* Graceland Recovery
* The Parking Spot

* The Derm Review

* The Harmony Place

* Coastal Detox
* Kingsway Recovery
* Addiction Intervention
* Chapel Hill Detox
* Interpid Recovery

* Driving Barefoot, Legal or Not?

* Rock Recovery Center

* Know Your DNA
* How Addiction and Substance Abuse Affect Sleep: A Guide to Sleep Health During Recovery


* Safe Traffic Operations  Program

* Riverside Recovery of Tampa

Phoenix Rising Recovery

 Pinnacle Peak Recovery

* Discovery Institute

* Free by the Sea - Addition Resources

* Montare Behavioral Health

* Detox Rehab Centers

* Freedom Through Action

* Northern Illinois Recovery Centers

Recovery Resources for Teens

Talking to teens about alcohol

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Saint Louis

Drug and Alcohol Detox in Arizonia

* TelstoneIOP

* The Owls Net Recovery

* Bedrock Recovery Center

* Brentwood Springs Detox

* Nashville Detox

* West Tennessee Detox

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Saint Louis

Drug and alcohol detox in Arizonia

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Pennsylvania

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in New Jersey

* Addiction Guide

Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Your Oral Health

Insomnia During Drug and Alcohol Recovery

Regaining driving privileges after a DUI

The Dangers Drunk & Drugged Driving

* Find Drug Rehab Near Me USA

* OK Rehab

* Detox Rehabs

* Casco Bay Recovery

* Reinstating License after DUI/DWI

* USA Drug Rehab Near Me

* Drowsy Driving Dangers

* Iris Healing - Depression and Addiction

* Addiction Resource Guide for Kids and Parents
* Transformations Care Recovery

* Blue Hills Recovery

* Alcohol Rehab Help

* BOCA Recovery Center
* Teen Driving Tips
* Better Tomorrow Treatment Center

* Luna Recovery
* Addiction Recovery Apps
* Westwind Recovery
* Addiction Treatment Marketing
* Sana Lake Behavioral Wellness Center
* Harmony Ridge Recovery Center
* Free Alcohol Addiction Helpline & Resources
* Alcohol & Substance Abuse Resource for College Students
* Tulip Hill Recovery
* ReCreate Life Counseling
* Guide to Preventing Drowsy Driving

* Building a Strong Support Group - White Light Behavioral Health
* Alcohol Rehab Help - Alcoholism & College Students
* Rehab Centers - Confidential & Free
* Addition Group - How to Heal Your Liver
* Southwest Addition Center 
* Driving Resources for Autistic Individuals - Elemy
* How Alcohol and Drugs can Affect Vision 
* Magnolia City Detox - Alcohol Detox in Houston
* Teen Drug Abuse & Addition
* Employment Resources for People Recovering from Substance Abuse Issues
* Addiction Recovery During Higher Education
* Drug Rehab in Long Island Intervention
* Riverwalk Recovery Center - Addition Rehab & Mental Health Treatments
* Parent's Guide to Cigarettes, Vaping, and Marijuana
* Ohio Recovery Center
Achieve Permanent Sobriety
* Addition Treatment Centers
* Luna Recovery - Addiction Treatment Center
* New Recovery for Women - California Addiction Resources
Chapters Recovery Center – Danvers Addiction Treatment Center
* Free Rehab Centers
* Drunk Driving vs. Drowsy Driving vs. Distracted Driving
* Car Safety Tips for Teenage Drivers
* Illinois Recovery Center
* Eagle Creek Ranch Recovery - Drug Rehab
* Jay Walker Lodge - Drug Addiction Treatment
* 449 Substance Abuse & Treatment
* Orlando Treatment Solutions
* Bayview Recovery
* First City Recovery Center
* The Freedom Center
A Parent's Guide to Talking to Children About Drugs and Alcohol


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