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Due to the COVID-19 Virus we have setup our  DD-VIP ONLINE CLASS (See Button at top Right).  This will ensure everyone is able to take the class needed while maintaining their safety.  To get started click on the button on the far right labelled "DD-VIP Online Class".

ONLINE classes will only be offered during this time.  We WILL NOT be holding classes at any facilities during this restricted time. We apologize for any inconvenience that it  may cause.  We will post a notice when classes resume.    

Danger Without Intentions is a Non-Profit Corporation dedicated to protecting our youth and adults through a multitude of dynamic safety education and motivational programs.  Our organization is committed to providing continuing support and education to assist in reducing injuries and loss of life of our children and families due to alcohol and drug usage, peer pressure, and our goal is to empower young drives to adopt safer driving habits and reduce injury and death among Texas' young drivers.
Traffic crashes are the #1 killer of teens
Every year, young drivers only represent 13% of all licensed drivers, they cause 28% of all traffic crashes and 24% of all fatal crashes.  By understanding the risks and hazards a teen driver faces while behind the wheel, teens and their parents can work together to keep them safe.
Slogan / Motto
  • Prevention through Intervention
  • "Our Goal is to Educate and Save Lives"
Programs Offered by Danger Without Intentions
  • Choices and Consequences
  • Drunk Driving / Victim's Impact Panel
  • Alcohol & Drug Awareness Program for School, Colleges, Conferences and agencies
  • Boating & Water Safety Programs
  • Crash Car Display, Boating Display and Static Table Displays
  • Seat Belt and Radar Speed Check Program
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